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Flett Foursome Wins 2011 Scotties Berth

Sunday Jan 17 2010

Kerri Flett and her team, who missed the 2010 Scotties in Killarney, have qualified for the 2011 event in Altona. Flett was dominant Sunday in winning three games Sunday after qualifying through the A-Event. In the final game, Flett marked up a 9-1 five end blow-out victory over Chelsea Carey, who unveiled her 2011 line-up this weekend. Kristie Jenion is joining Carey at third with Kristen Foster and Lindsay Titheridge on the front end.

Flett acknowledged after the game that her team hadn't talked about next year but with a Scotties berth in hand they'll stick together with the ability to focus solely on the cash tour events. Flett's team includes Janice Blair, Susan Baleja and Allison Harvey.

To reach the final on Sunday, Flett defeated Amy Wright-USA 6-5 and Joelle Brown 10-3 while Carey beat Barb Spencer 8-3 on the early draw and Michelle Montford 8-4 in the semi-final. Montford defeated Tina Kozak 5-4 and Brown beat Kendra Georges 8-7 in their quater-finals.
Playoff Set for 2011 Scotties Berth in CurlMB`s Women`s Bonspiel - The playoff round for the CurlManitoba Women's Bonspiel competitive division championship and 20111 Scotties Berth begins at 9am Sunday morning at Wildewood. Kerri Flett plays Amy Wright-USA, Kendra Georges meets Joelle Brown, Michelle Montford plays Tna Kozak, and Barb Spencer plays Chelsea Carey. Flett and Carey were the A-Event Qualifiers. The others advanced on the late draw Saturday.

Georges (7-6 over Patti Lank-USA) and Michelle Montford (9-4 over Ainsley Champagne) were the B-Qualifiers. Spencer (9-1 over Jackie Komyshyn), Kozak (8-7 over Sherry Just), Brown (7-1 over Karen Fallis) and Wright (7-1 over Erika Brown-USA) were the C-Qualifiers.
DRAW 6&7 UPDATE: 2011 Scotties Berth to the Winner of CurlMB`s Women`s Bonspiel - Kerri Flett (11-5 over Michelle Montford) and Chelsea Carey (7-5 over Kendra Georges) have advanced to the playoff round for  the CurlManitoba Women's bonspiel and 2011 Scotties Berth. Flett and Georges won A-Event Qualifying games on the early afternoon Saturday draw. Montford and Georges drop into B-Event Qualifying games agaimnst winners of games on the late afternoon draw. In those games Ainsley Champagne plays Kaileigh Strath and Patti Lank-USA plays Brette Richards.

The B-Qualifiers and 4 C-Qualifers take place at 8:45pm Staurday at Victoria and Wildewood. In the C-Qualifiers, the gaames feature Karen Fallis vs Joelle Brown, Tina Kozak vs Sherry Just, and Jackie Komyshyn vs Barb Spencer.  In the fourth game visiting US teams skipped by Erika Brown (pictured in a comeback win over Michelle Rudnicki) and Amy Wright will face off, ensuring that at least one ineligible team will advance to the berth playoff round.

Draw 5 Update: Games on the early draw Saturday have set up the A-Event Qualifying games in the CurlManitoba Women's Berth Bonspiel. Kerri Flett defeated Sherry Just (6-0) and will play Michelle Montford in one A-Qualifier. Kendra Geeorges was an 8-6 winner over Barb Spencer and will play Chelsea Carey in the second A-Qualifier on the 2:15pm draw Saturday. The B & C-Qualifying games will take place at 8:45pm at Victoria and Wildewood Curling Clubs.              

DRAW 4 UPDATE: Michelle Montford, Chelsea Carey and Barb Spencer won second A-Event games in the CurlManitoba Women's Bonspiel Friday evening. Carey (7-2 over Jackie Komyshyn) advanced to an A-Event qualifying game while Spencer (9-4 over Amy Wright) advanced to A-Event semi-final position where she will play Kendra Georges. In the other A-Qualifying game,  Michelle Montford (8-3 over Tina Kozak) awaits the winner of Kerri Flett vs Sherry Just.  In the B-Side, Ainsley Champagne (8-6 over Erika Brown-USA), Tracy Igoinia (8-5 over Derna Hintz) and Meghan Armit (7-5 over Holly Scott) advanced on the Friday late draw.

DRAW 3 UPDATE: The Kerri Flett and Kendra Georges  teams were the first to win two games in the CurlManitoba Women's Bonspiel. Flett was a 6-5 winner over Joelle Brown while the Georges entry was a 6-2 victor over Karen Fallis in her first game of the event. Coming off a first game win, Kaileigh Strtah lost 7-2 to Sherry Just in her openinging game.   In B-Event games, Brette Richards defeated Michelle Rudnicki (8-1) and Patti Lank was a 10-7 winner over Tracy Konzelman.             

DRAW 2 UPDATE: Former provincial champion Barb Spencer and another bonspiel favorite team skipped by Chelsea Carey both won their openers inthe CurlManitoba Women's Bonspiel on Draw #2 today at the Victoria CC. Spencer defeated Erika Brown's visiting team from the USA 9-3 and Carey was a 9-6 winner over Tracey Igonia. Manitoba's Dominioon Club Champions Silver Medal winning team of Jackie Komyshyn was a 9-6 winner over Derna Hintz while Michelle Montford beat Holly Scott 9-3. Tina Kozak was th eother winner on that draw, scoring a 7-6 win over Meghan Armit.

Eight teams qualify for a championship round in the triple knockout bonspiel.

DRAW 1 UPDATE: The opening draw of the CurlManitoba Women's Bonspiel saws victories by a viwsiting team from the USA, three teams coming off a week at the Scotties in Killarney, and team noteable by its absence in Killarney. Joelle Brown (9-7 over Michelle Rudnicki) and Kaileigh Strath (8-4 over Patty Lank-USA) are competing with the teams they had in Killarney where Brown  made the playoff round and Strath posted a 4-3 record in her first Scotties. The Kendra Georges entry was in Killarney but as part of two teams. Sam Owen skipped thee opening game while Kendra Georges threw the final rocks. They led Tracey Konzelman 9-7 coming home and stole the final end when a Konzelman last rock hack-weight tap for 2 (maybe 3) didn't curl enough and left the Georges entry with a 10-7 win.

Kerri Flett's team which missed the Killarney championship was a 9-6 winner over Brette Richards and Amy Wright's team from Duluth Minnesota was an 8-3 winner over Ainsley Champagne. Champagne was fifth and is skipping the Shauna Streich team whch competed in Killarney.

2011 Scotties Berth to the Winner of CurlMB`s Women`s Bonspiel - The CurlManitoba Women's Bonspiel which gets underway Friday, includes three US visitiing teams skipped by Erika Brown, Amy Wright and Patti Lank (listed out of Niagara Falls CC-Canada) alomg with an interesting mix of 19 Manitoba teams seeking the berth into next year's Scotties Tournament of Hearts.The berth winner will become the first entry in the Altona championship in 2011.

Teams from this year's championship include Barb Spencer, Karen Fallis, Joelle Brown, Chelsea Carey, Kendra Georges (with Liza Park listed at third), Ainsley Champagne (skipping this year`s Shauna Streich team) and Kaileigh Strath. Top-end teams who missed this year`s Killarney championship Holly Scott and Kerri Flett plus numerous contenders including Brette Richards, Michelle Montford, Jackie Komyshyn, Derna Hintz, Tracy Konzelman, and Tina Kozak. Meghan Armit, whose team appeared in this year`s Junior Women`s provincials.

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