January 2013

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Readers - during the final day of the just concluded 125th bonspiel there was controversy around the decision of the members of the team listed... read story

June 2011

Re: Historic Day & Mission Statement
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Every once in a while, it is nice to receive a note like the one I receievd from Derek Hay. With his permission, it has... read story

May 2011

Can Curling Capitalize on NHL Hockey??
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You bet we can - and we're going to have find the ways not just to co-exist in an NHL hockey market but to find... read story

July 2010

Readers Express Support for's 125th MCA Proposition
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After the 122nd MCA Men`s Bonspiel, I wrote an editorial comment challenging CurlManitoba to think big about the 125th bonspiel in three years time.  I said at... read story

February 2010

A Pair of Good Young Skips Respond to my Morris Question
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Sometimes when I make a comment I expect to generate a response - sometimes I don't. Sometimes I am surprised by the responses - sometimes... read story

December 2009

A Thank You from Riley Smith`s Team
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As they begin their quest for the Provincial Junior Men`s Championship title this weekend at the Deer Lodge Curling Club, Riley SMith and his Pembinca... read story

Time for the MCA to rethink the Junior Seeding
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(Note: the following email was received from Calvin Edie, a long-time and still very active coach on the Manitoba Junior Curling scene. It is re-printed... read story

ROAR Contest Winners
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In the end it came down to a pretty subjective, unscientific decision making process. No one came particularly close in's Predict the Results contest... read story

A Thank You from Ste Anne IceMaker Don Belisle
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Ste Anne Curling Club icemaker Don Belisle and the Ste Anne Curling Club have asked to pass along the following comments following last weekend's... read story

November 2009

The Responses are In .......
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Not surprisingly, my editorial earlier this week stirred up some responses. Also not surprisingly, there are some who agree absolutely – and some who disagree... read story

January 2009

Another Point of View on the Challenge Facing Curling - Jerome Kirby Extends Bryce's Discussion
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When Bryce McEwen penned his opinion piece, I was hopeful it would generate the kind of thoughtful discussion that is resulting. Jerome Kirby suggests that... read story

'Well said Bryce" - says Rob Atkins
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I had hoped to hear from people when they read Bryce McEwen's comments her at or on CurlingZone. Roba Atkins is one who likes... read story

A Proposal for Re-Structuring of Men's Curling in Manitoba
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A Proposal for Re-Structuring of Men's Curling in Manitoba ..........If you follow the on-going communications on CurlingZone, occasionally you'll find a discussion which merits more... read story

Marketing MCA Men`s Bonspiel to be a Stated Goal of the Association
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For the first time, at least in many years, establishing a marketing and communications plan for the MCA Men`s Bonspiel will be a stated goal of... read story

Whoops - I Shoulda Done More Research!
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I got a note yesterday from a reader who took me to task for a mistake in a comment made on this site in my... read story

MCA 121: Readers'Memories of the MCA Men's Bonspiel
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Since I posted the invitation to share memories of the MCA men's Bonspiel, I have had some emails and talked tyo a lot of folks... read story

December 2008

An Email from Leonard McWilliam with a Challenge for the MCA
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My invitation to send along your suggestions for my interview tonight with Shane Ray on RockTalk (CFRW, 7-8pm) has generated some interesting conversation starters. I particularly... read story

November 2008

Time to Change Provincial Juniors Format?
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I recently read Greg Milloy's email to you concerning the scheduling conflicts between the Masters and Seniors playdowns.  This reminded me of the growing issue... read story

Concerned about the Decision to Cancel the Women's Chicken Chef Bonspiel
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Upon returning from a trip to Minneapolis on November 11th I found out that the Women's section of the Chicken Chef Bonspiel had been cancelled. ... read story

Tonight on RockTalk - Greg Milloy With Some Thoughts on Scheduling Zone Playoffs
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E-Mail of the month award for November goes to Greg Milloy who sent me an email commenting on the scheduling of Masters and Senior Men’s... read story

October 2008

A Thanksgiving Weekend Curling Weekend Re-Cap
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Thanksgiving weekend was definitely a ‘no turkey’ weekend for many curlers and curling fans in Manitoba. Four major events across Manitoba and a pair of... read story

August 2008

Kudos and Criticism from [email protected]
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From: "[email protected]" Date: 2008/08/23 Sat PM 02:10:52 CDTTo: [email protected]: The Monsanto spielHi Resby,I want to compliment you on an excellent article about Chris Sobkowicz's challenge... read story

February 2008

One reader says IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!
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Resby - You asked for opinions so here goes. Provincial championship is a 16 team playdown of 4 groups of 4 in a round robin... read story

Are Safeway Championship Seats Too Expensive???
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I'm coming in from the conntry to watch the select. Made some calls to car pool but unfortunately got same answer 3 times, thanks but... read story

January 2008

Readers Ask Questions - Suggest Changes to the MCA Bonspiel
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Following are a couple of thought-provoking questions/suggestions from readers regarding the recently completed MCA Men's Bonspiel.*** Scott MadamsWhy don't they use some of the... read story

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